Friday, December 07, 2007

RPTV Wins an Award!

This is what I do. I'm the camera guy/director for this shoot. The guy holding the mic is tyrone, another video guy/webmaster.

On this shot, we were filming the intro segment for one of RPTV's recent episodes. This filming took along time, and it took long cause the two guys sitting on the seats there, were not concentrating, so it took a while to actually complete that one.
RPTV won the Mayor's award for Community Safety, 2007, Toronto.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Video Editing 101

Video editing is one of the most time consuming activity you will do in your life.Video editing takes a long time to complete, and in the end you want to know that your video is well edited and the clips you cut together carries your overall message. Here are few tips to make sure that your video is edit well, and its ready for the world to see and enjoy.

Tip #1 Learn the tools of your video editing program. When you know what each tool in the tool pallet does, you will feel more comfortable with the program, and that will help you make your video even more creative. Have some fun, mess with the tools & video effects,
transitions, etc.

Tip #2
Be familiar with your video editing interface. Make sure you know where the tools are, where timeline (also known as the sequence in Final Cut). You should also take note of where the trim window is. The trim window is the area where you take the good part of your source video and drop it in the time line. In Final Cut and Premiere Pro, the trim window is the left screen in the user interface. The right window will show whatever you have on the time line.

Tip #3 Use transitions wisely. Transitions are video effects that brings a video clip in and takes it out. Your video editing program comes with ALOT of video transitions and some you will be using alot, others you will not even touch. It all depends in whether a trasition fits in to your scene. You would not introduce a sad scene with a star wipe(I know windows movie maker has it), it just doesn't make sense, unless you were making some high energy video or something like that. Transitions are there to help guide your video clips along. Don't make the transitions the star of your video.

Start with these tips and you are on your way on editing a really good video, one that people will enjoy watching. More Tips on the way.

Greetings - Happy Holidays

Hey, thanks for stopping by, my name is Emmanuel Kedini, this my first official blog site. I will be blogging mostly about video editing, and other subjects that I'm interested in. I am a video editor, I have been editing for 6 years in Toronto, Canada. I mostly edit youth video documentaries, public service announcements and drama. At work I edit on a mac so I'm very familiar with Final Cut Pro. I wish you a very happy holidays and a very happy new. I will be blogging more frequently, I hope you will stop by and find out what I'm blogging on. Take care.